Sweet Fusion is a great candy destination offering a big selection of hard to find confectionary items and sodas. If you’re sweet tooth needs a rest, the store also offers fun stuff and a fun experience for people of all ages. Regardless of why you chose to visit, you are sure to be taken back to your youth and will leave smiling wanting to come back for more.


A few years ago I recognized I was growing weary of working in the corporate world. No longer feeling challenged I yearned to test my entrepreneurial spirit knowing that quitting my cushy job and owning a business came with many risks. Nevertheless, I took the leap. After much searching, an opportunity to purchase a candy store came up and it didn’t take me long to realize what a great opportunity it was. Although there were many factors to consider, three things made the decision to purchase it really easy. First, it was seeing candy lovers of all ages having such positive and fun experiences when they entered the store.

As I have a passion for customer service and making people laugh, I knew the business was a great fit for me and I could only help enhance those experiences. Second, I was amazed to hear how far candy lovers would travel just to go to a candy store. Craziness, I thought and I was committed to seeing that change. Third, candy lovers were looking for unique products and a boutique experience, all things lacking in our big box world these days. Things I could definitely help make happen. So, in April 2016, ownership of the store changed hands. I renamed the store and called it Sweet Fusion based on the unique products and service offered. Although I would like to say that the rest is history, the reality is that the best is yet to come. As owner of Sweet Fusion, I am extremely appreciative of all the candy lovers who have supported the business. It wouldn’t be a great candy destination without your loyalty. Thank you all and I look forward to serving you and our community for the foreseeable future.


Paul Yuzda