Welcome to the FAQ section for Sweet Fusion. Although we have done our best to anticipate what information you may be seeking about the business, if there’s anything missing that you feel needs to be added or you just need additional information in general, please provide your feedback using the contact us form.

General Question


Q) You say you have a big selection of products yet you only have a few products displayed, why is this?


A) While it is true that there are only a few products shown, we literally have hundreds of unique products in store. Also, our intention in the short term is to simply showcase some of the more popular and unique brands offered. More detailed information and pictures for products will be added in the future as part of our e-commerce strategy.


Q) Do you consistently carry the same products all the time?


A) Yes, we do carry core products however quantities and availability can vary depending on suppliers, cost, seasonality, limited edition, and popularity.


Q) Can I purchase your products from your website?


A) Products can only be purchased in-store. However, as awareness of our business grows, e-commerce functionality will be introduced.


Q) Do you carry food products for people who have food sensitivities or prepared according to religious requirements?


A) We do carry a limited supply of these products however don’t keep a running list of these products. We will however gladly provide ingredients and packaging information to help you with your needs.


Q) Do you have a peanut free environment?


A) Due to the nature of our business and bulk food bins we can’t guarantee a peanut free environment. However, if you do have severe peanut allergies we will work with you to minimize any possible exposure.



Special Orders


Sweet Fusion has a great selection of candy, sodas, and novelty items but as you can imagine, the confectionery world is massive which means that we can’t possibly carry everything.


So, if you’re visiting the store and don’t see the product you’re looking for, ask if we can special order it for you.


Returns and Exchanges


Sweet Fusion wants you to enjoy the products you purchased from us. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your items, we will gladly exchange or refund your purchases in full when accompanied by the original proof of purchase. Please note the following conditions for the type of product purchased.


Packaged Food Items:

  • Must be returned within 7 days from date of purchase.
  • Must be unopened and undamaged.
  • Can only be exchanged for other products in the store and customers are responsible for any difference price that applies.

Unpackaged Bulk Food Items:

  • All sales are final unless conditions issues exist, in which case we will replace the equivalent quantity of product affected.
  • Condition issues must be reported within 24 hours of purchase date.

Non-Food Items:

  • Can be exchanged or refunded in full provided items are returned within 30 days from the date of purchase after which time, the sale is considered final.
  • Items must be undamaged and in original packaging.

Sale Items:

  • All sales are final.



Gift Certificates


Conditions that apply:


Due to system limitations, gift certificates are only available for purchase and redemption in store. However, our future goal is to enhance your shopping experience by offering an option to purchase and redeem gift certificates from the comfort of your home.


Available in denominations of $5 only.


No expiry date.


Not redeemable for cash.


As you are provided a unique identifying number at the time of purchase, your gift certificate can be recharged.


Both hard and electronic copies of your gift certificate are available.


Although intended to be redeemed by the recipient, gift certificates are fully transferable. As such, it is the sole responsibility of the recipient, or guardian in the case of a minor, to protect the information that is unique to the gift certificate (e.g., certificate number and amount) and only share this information with those individuals authorized to use the gift certificate.


Sweet Fusion is not responsible for any lost or stolen gift certificates or for their unauthorized use.



Giving Back


There are many great ways for your organization to partner up with Sweet Fusion and achieve your fundraising goals. Your need could be as simple as requesting the gift of product to be used in a raffle or it could something more complex such as developing a product offering with us and doing outbound sales. No matter what your objectives or timelines are, we’ll work with you on a creative strategy to meet your goals.


If you are interested in partnering up with us, your organization must be registered as non-profit and be able to issue official tax receipts.


Although Sweet Fusion attempts to support as many organizations as possible, please understand that as a small retail business paired with the volume of requests received each year for fund raising assistance, we may not be able to approve all applications.


Priority will be given to organizations in the local community where our business is situated.


To ensure fairness and equity amongst applicants, Sweet Fusion reserves the right to only approve one application per organization per year.


Applications must be submitted via the “Contact Us”(insert hyperlink) form on our website and include the following information in the comments as it relates to your organization:


  • Name
  • Registration number;
  • Address;
  • Date you intend to start fundraising;
  • Fundraising goals;
  • How you believe we can work together to achieve your goals;


For best results please submit your application 6 weeks in advance of when you intend to begin fundraising. This will allow Sweet Fusion time to prepare and ensure we have adequate inventory in place to support your fundraising needs and minimize any interruptions to our business.


Sweet Fusion reserves the right to only contact successful applicants.


If approved, we reserve the right to use your organization’s name and branding as part of public
communication related to our fundraising partnership.


Final approval for any fundraising partnership is conditional upon receipt and satisfactory
verification of your organization’s non-profit status.